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"the importance of imagining an alternative to the current order is not to lay down a precise programme for the future, but rather to provide a point of alterity or exteriority as a way of interrogating the limits of this order. Moreover, we should think of utopia in terms of action in the immediate sense, of creating alternatives within the present, at localised points…. Utopia is something that emerges in political struggles themselves." -Saul Newman


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Against Equality’s Marriage Debate Reading List


The Wrong Reasons for Same-Sex Marriage – Jaye Cee Whitehead (2011)

Why Gay Marriage IS the End of the World (or the queer world, at least) – Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

What’s Wrong With Gay Marriage? – Eric Stanley

Gay Marriage: Civil Right or Civil Wrong – Ultra Violet

Against Equality, in Maine and Everywhere – Conrad

Legalize Gay, Or: So You Think You’re Illegal? – Yasmin Nair

Is Gay Marriage Racist? – Marlon M. Bailey, Priya Kandaswamy, Mattie Udora Richardson

Uniting American Families Act: Facts, Fiction, Money and Emotions – Yasmin Nair

Queer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage – Martha Jane Kaufman & Katie Miles

I Still Think Marriage is the Wrong Goal – Dean Spade & Craig Willse

Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black??? – Kenyon Farrow

Inequality in the Marriage Equality Movement – Amy Sueyoshi

The Marriage Fight is Setting Us Back – John D’Emilio

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace? Why We Need Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage – Susan Thompson

Abandon Equality – Marcus McCann

Queer Liberation is Class Struggle – Gathering Voices

Open Letter to LGBT Leaders Who are Pushing Marriage Equality – Kate Bornstein

Equality, Without Marriage – Nadia Berenstein

I Don’t: The Case Against Marriage – Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision for All Our Families and Relationships – Beyond Marriage Collective Statement

Audre Lorde Project Position Statement on Marriage – Audre Lorde Project

Marriage and Love – Emma Goldman (1911)

They Who Marry do Ill – Voltairine de Cleyre (1907)

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