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"the importance of imagining an alternative to the current order is not to lay down a precise programme for the future, but rather to provide a point of alterity or exteriority as a way of interrogating the limits of this order. Moreover, we should think of utopia in terms of action in the immediate sense, of creating alternatives within the present, at localised points…. Utopia is something that emerges in political struggles themselves." -Saul Newman


since 2-25-11


Donate to #OccupyWallStreet


We are the Food Committee for those planning the Sept. 17 Wall Street occupation event. We need money to buy food to make sure no one goes hungry during that time. We’ll be concentrating mostly on sandwiches, as they are easy to make and produce little trash. However, supplies for the number of people we’d like to serve won’t come cheaply - our calculations have suggested that it would take roughly $2700 to feed the thousands upon thousands of people — and this is being conservative. Any amount you could send would be most appreciated.

donating donating donating!

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    Liberatos Pizza! now with a new pie; the OccuPie!
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